Peter SjoUnsplash

Girls slither
And out
Of your life
Like a broken tide
High on cocaine.

You burn through them
Like a wire on fire,
A hot iron frame,
Tenacious flames
When you say my name.

Say it again,
Say it so my heart
Beats twice per second,
Thrice if you can,
Quadruple won’t hurt,
But this ain’t no game.

Your touch molten heat
That burns
Through my brain,
Numbness never felt so sweet,
Pain never felt so

Do it again,
Touch me so my spine
Is complete
And stuck on lust’s refrain,
Let me sink in these shivers,
Let me drown in your veins.

Let me hold you tonight,
Let it be me
That whispers your name,
Let my skin be your guide
To the truth you’ve been searching for
This entire age.

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