Cheers to the new beginnings

One of the most fundamental objectives of any species is survival. Everyday is a quest for this survival. A struggle to make sure that we live, we exist today, and survive till the sunset, to get a sound sleep, and wake up to be able to witness the morning sun again. Until we pass on this baton to the next generation.This is our life. This is our purpose on this earth.

This is not easy.

If we pick the bones of this fact you would realize that all the things we do in our life — we eat, sleep, run, love etc. — everything is centered around this fundamental truth. The very essence of our life is to be able to pass this unique set of a genome that is transcribed in every cell of our body to the next generation. For nothing of us existed thousand of years before, nor anything will exist of us thousand of years hence, but this genome which is the language of evolution. That defines us. That makes us who we are.

From the point in the life of earth, when the first life came into existence 4 billion years ago, the evolution is dictated by one principle — survival of the fittest. The life which could spread faster than anyone, survive the others and nature, could exist. That’s how we have lived on this earth. Surviving, overcoming every other competition.

But this post is not about that.

This post is about our survival and what is that one thing that makes it possible for us to keep up with it.

One thing that makes this survival is our ability to ‘begin’ again. In this life we are going to find obstacles, stumble, fall hard, and get hurt. No one can escape this eventuality. This is going to happen — for some a little later than others. But it will happen nonetheless.

Imagine the world where we are not able to begin again. People have lost everything — in business and in love. That is the time when we hit the rock bottom. The air sucked out of our breaths. Pain in our veins instead of blood. Shrieks and howls melting in our ears. We are alone and lost in this big world. We are a branch of a tree broken from the mother tree, wrapped around with dusty storm, nothing to anchor on, no moor in sight.

And then we give up on everything. Well, almost give up.

Because come what may, the night will come, and you will empathize with the night, its darkness because that’s what you are seeing in your insides. The darkness darker than anything out there. And you cry, tears staining your cheeks until you can cry no more. You are defeated, in every sense.

But then one of the most beautiful things happens.

The dawn breaks — the first sunlight makes a crack in the shell of darkness, peers out of it like that hatchling trying to come out of the egg, the blackness turns into gray, then grayish white, until the sky starts turning into blue.

The color blue.

You never realized that blue color could be so beautiful. It’s warmth making you feel that whatever happened, has happened, reminding of the propeller inside you that makes you get out of the bed and start living again. That makes you breathe in the fresh air and expunge the staleness out of you, and lookout for a new day. For a new beginning.

Today, as I write this post, I exist as a person who found everything one can imagine for and then have lost everything. I have found and lost a city which made me a child again, a passion that made me feel alive, a girl who loved me more than anything out there in the world.

Still, I write this post with utmost sincere belief in the beginnings. The beginnings that makes us get up, no matter how badly we have fallen down.

Cheers to every beginning you ever made in your life.